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The LCD and Plasma TV market is basically a minefield, which brand? Which features? Which connections? Once you have trailed through all of the inexplicable options and completed your purchase choice, there is another customer challenge, what do you use to hold your brand fresh television.

There are a number of options some very fashionable and some very sensible…

Traditional Glass Stands

There are a great number of flat packed glass TV units obtainable on the market, so where do you begin? First of all you must decide if you want clear or black glass, black glass shows more dust but can conceal cabling. There are a number of stands specifically shaped to fit into a corner, maximizing room, S&C manufacture distinctive oval shaped, border print glass stands which look splendid particularly in a corner. The height of these stands tends to be fairly alike whichever manufacturer you buy from, the optimum vision range allows one shelf to be detached if you prefer your LCD or Plasma TV in a lower location. Cable management is offered on the majority of glass TV stands and those without it should possibly not be considered. The majority TV stands on the market have tough safety tested glass; cheaper stands tend to use 6mm thick glass, higher quality products use 8mm or 10mm. Always check the shelf space is tall and deep enough to accommodate your DVD, games console or amplifier etc. Some TV stands are complete with castors; wheels can be added to certain S&C models.

Wooden TV Stands and Cabinets

The many wooden TV units and cabinets vary in price considerably; there are real wood cabinets and imitation wood stands. Wooden TV Stands usually come in a beech, cherry, walnut, dark wood or black finish. Swivel cabinets are available, the Optimum BDI Revo range are fine-looking if a little expensive. Alphason provide some budget cabinets. TV cabinets are typically equipped with brilliant cable management but make sure you confirm this before you purchase. Most wooden TV cabinets are supplied previously assembled; the flat packed wood stands tend to be moderately complex to assemble.

Cantilever TV Stands

Cantilever TV stands, are stands which enable your TV to be mounted to a raised pillar, giving a wall mounted look without the aggravation of drilling into walls. Usually equipped with Cable Management they provide a elegant and flexible substitute to wall mounting, the Aquila AB-K111 is a cantilever TV stand which balances style and practicality. Cantilever TV stands tend to be taller than your average piece of TV furniture, so the viewing position is higher, the additional height also ensures your TV is safely out of reach of children and pets. Some stands do not have shelves or only have a single shelf for additional equipment, before purchasing bear in mind the equipment you currently own, and any potential future purchases.

If you are looking for the manufactures of the best AV furniture, you must first decide what you are really looking for. Are you looking for certain qualities in the furniture, or are you simply looking for certain name brands? Truth be told, the name brands are not always a guarantee that you will be getting quality furniture, although this is mostly the case. Instead of looking for solely the best brands, consider the qualities you want. That is the best way to find the AV furniture that you will be the happiest with on the market.

The best manufactures of AV furniture know how to infuse style into the furniture. Style is very important. No one wants to get AV furniture that sticks out for the wrong reasons. Instead, they want something that will blend in and look good. A bad style is not going to offer that. Some companies have not moved forward with their style, while other companies offer a great style. Find the company that offers the kind of style you want to have in your home.

Durability is also important. The best AV furniture manufactures build products that are meant to last. They do not make flimsy furniture that will break within a couple of years. Instead, they make products that people can count on time and time again. When you purchase AV furniture, you want to be able to keep it for years to come. It is worth spending a little bit of extra money if you know that you are not going to have to replace it within a few years.

They also make products that are affordable. That does not mean that they are cheap. What it means is that customers pay for what they are getting. They are paying for the fine materials that are used, but they are not being charged ridiculous prices. The best manufacturers bring quality products to consumers at fair prices. They do not price gouge, but they still manage to use quality materials. While it can be difficult to find such companies, they are out there.

The best companies also offer a good selection. Once you find a company that you like, you want to be able to go back to that company throughout the years. You do not want to be stuck with the same style, so find a company that offers a large variety of styles and products.

Instead of just looking for a name, look at what goes into quality furniture. You can then find the type of furniture that will be best for you. You do not have to find a certain name. Instead, find the AV furniture that holds the necessary qualities so you can be happy with your purchase.

However, if you are looking for high quality and a good brand name, then there are numerous suppliers of audio visual accessories on the market that can give you both – some of our favorites are Alphason, Atacama, Audinni, Blok, Jahnke, Optimum, Quadrasprire, Sona, Soundstyle, Spectral, Stil-Stand, Supports AV Direct and Unicol.

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