Pebble Portable Battery charger

click here to buy this years ‘must have’ gadget – the Vehmo Pebble portable battery charger


pebble battery charger

click here to buy this years ‘must have’ gadget- the Vehmo Pebble portable battery charger

Normally when you have a pebble in your pocket you’re about to attempt to skim it across a lake to impress a relative’s children. You’d be mad to chuck this Pebble Portable Battery Charger into the drink, though – it’s a gorgeous and effective way to make sure your electrical bits and pieces are fully charged when you’re on the go. Whether it’s your iPad, iPhone, your digital camera or your mobile phone, the Pebble portable battery charger is all you need to stop yourself from running out of battery on the hop.

Amazingly, the rather delectable Pebble portable battery charger will charge your iPhone fully four times over. Blimey!

Imagine that power applied to your other devices and you’ve got yourself a darned-impressive piece of kit on your hands (or in your bag, we’re not telling you where to keep it). You can charge the Pebble portable battery charger up initially via USB using the included cable and check its progress thanks to the capacity indicator lights. There are four connectors that will cheerfully replenish iPads, iPhones, iPods, portable games consoles, Sony Ericsson phones, Nokia phones, Blackberries and even mini-USB devices – so basically, you’re covered no matter what gadgets you’ve got on you. Unless it’s some hair straighteners or an electric toothbrush or something – you people are on your own.

Top it off with its own pretty little carry pouch and you’ve got yourself a most delightful little recharging package. The Pebble Portable Charger is the perfect way to keep yourself topped up, no matter where you happen to be.

* The Pebble portable battery charger keeps your gadgets topped up when you’re on the go.
* Sleek design and excellent battery life.

* Charge up the Pebble portable battery chargervia the USB port on your computer (cable included) or USB  adapter

* The Pebble Battery Charger includes four connectors to enable you to charge a multitude of devices: iPad, iPhone/iPod, Sony Ericsson phones, Nokia phones, your Blackberry and anything else with a micro USB connection.
* Pebble Battery Charger can carry enough power to charge an iPhone four times over.
* Pebble Battery Charger capacity: 5000mAh @3.7V.
* Charging time: 7 hours approx.
* Uses polymer Li-ion battery (included).
* Suitable for ages 8 years +.

Veho Pebble portable battery charger Best Bits

* Stylish portable battery pack
* Compact design
* Charges iPhones up to four times over
* Works with most popular gadgets
* Finished with a soft touch surface
* Charge status indicator Low/Med/Full

The Pebble Battery Charger is the perfect companion for all your gadgets!

Battery low? This will get your juices going. Super stylish and packed with power, the Pebble portable battery charger pack is the big dog when it comes to portable pocket power.

With a whopping 5000mAH capacity (that’s about 60 hours of battery life), this uber charger has the power to charge your iPhone up to four times over! And it’s not just for iPhones! The Pebble portable battery charger works on all popular gadgets and gizmos, from mobile phones to MP3 players, digital cameras to GPSs, PSPs to iPods and so much more!
Pebble portable battery charger

“This product is amazing. The Pebble Battery Charger never seems to run out of charge; I got 4 full charges from my iPhone

with no problems. I now carry it everywhere I go…”
- Oliver Merrill, Nottingham

pebble battery charger

Smooth and sleek, the Veho Pebble portable battery charger fits comfortably in your bag or pocket. It even comes with a protective case so you can keep it in pristine condition. So whenever you go away on business, take a well deserved holiday or even when you’re just out and about, keep this trusty companion at your side and it’ll ensure your best loved gadgets are topped up and working.

* Pebble portable battery pack
* USB cable
* x5 adapters (iPod Adapter, Mini USB, Sony Eriksson, Samsung & Nokia)
* User manual
* Neoprene carry pouch

Veho Pebble battery charger Specs

* Charges devices for up to 60 hours
* 5000mAH (miliamp hours) capacity
* To fully charge the Pebble takes approximately 5 hours
* Size: 9.8cm x 7.2cm x 1.8cm
* Output: 5V 750mA

Pebble Battery Charger Reviews:

The Pebble portable battery charger is an awesome product that works really well. It has loads of fittings, including mini AND Micro USB. So this will complement the micro USB standard that is being brought in.
Paul Beebe, Sawtry – Aug ’10

The Pebble portable battery charger is brilliant for the iPhone. I got mine as an emergency back up but instead I actually use it all the time. Its small and lightweight to carry around and has its own protective sleeve. The only thing I would change is that there is no where to store the cable and connector that I need. It would be nice to have room in the sleeve for those or a separate case for all the connectors perhaps. But thats a minor problem. The Pebble Battery Charger works brilliantly and I wouldn’t be without it now.
Liz Elmont, Channel Islands – Jul ’10

Absolutely amazing! Brought this to take to T4 on the Beach as me and my friends were camping for the weekend. Needless to say my iPhone battery half died on the car journey down there from playing apps, but I fully charged my iPhone three times over the weekend, a friends iPhone twice and even revived my digital camera to full charge after it lost all battery after two days. Even after charging six devices back to full charge, the Pebble portable battery charger still had charge though!! (admittingly it was on ‘low’ but come on, think of how much I have charged, even my digital camera using the usb connector. The Pebble Battery Charger can really be used to charge any device that has a usb lead! All in all, 11 out of 10, amazing purchase.
Matt, Birmingham – Jul ’10

I have the Pebble Battery Charger and it’s really, really good! It was smaller than I was expecting, as the pic on makes it look bigger than the iPhone due to the angle it’s been photographed at, but it’s actually smaller. The Pebble portable battery charger has been a brilliant purchase.
Chris Fisher, Potters Bar – May ’10

Stock levels at,, argos, ebay, dixons, currys, PC World and Tesco will be in short supply this Christmas – order your official Pebble portable battery charger now to avoid disappointment.

pebble battery charger

There’s really no excuse for running out of juice. And although that sentence rhymes, we’ll resist

the temptation to write this limerick styley because the Pebble Battery Charger is no joke.

Indeed, this emergency juicer-upper is a serious bit of kit for anyone who owns an iPhone/iPod,

Flip, Muvi Atom or any other USB-friendly gizmo. And that means you!

Despite its pocket-snuggling dimensions, the rubbery Pebble battery charger houses a meaty 5000mA battery.

Impressed? You should be because the iPhone 3G’s battery is 1200mA, which means the itty bitty

Pebble battery charger holds sufficient oomph to charge it four times over! In fact when it comes to power storage

this smart oojamaflip beats similarly priced chargers hands down.

USB powered, this soon-to-be essential travelling companion even features a nifty charge indicator

so you can see how much juice you’re packing. Take it to festivals, on Jack Bauer-style days out,

or simply pop it in your pocket wherever you may roam. Juicy, real juicy!

Pebble battery charger Product Features:

* 5000mA battery charger
* Finished in a soft touch rubber feel
* Charge status indicator Low/Med/Full

* USB power out for charging any device that powers from a USB socket (providing you have the cable!)
* Includes 5 connectors to charge mobile phones
* Includes carry case


* 9.8cm x 7.2cm x 1.8cm


* Capacity: 5000mA
* Battery type: Polymer Li-ion
* Input: 5V 1000mA
* Output: 5V 950mA
* Takes 5 hours to fully charge the Pebble
* Will charge an empty iPhone in just over an hour


* Pebble Portable Charger
* USB Cable for powering up the Pebble battery charger
* 5 connectors for charging: iPod/iPhone, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Mini and Micro USB devices
* Soft pouch
* User manual

We told you once that you’ll never run out of iPhone chargers and iPhone accessories ever, at least

not this soon.

And day after day, a new portable charger for iPhone or other such gimzos surfaces from nowhere and

we summon to its performance, looks and form factor thinking that it’s the best one yet.

Certainly, it can be but with evolving times evolves technologies and so does portable cellphone

chargers. The Pebble Portable Charger is the newest portable charger for iPhone /iPod touch/

Blackberry/ Nokia / Sony Ericsson  and other mobile phones in the market and it  has got everything

to impress you for a buy.

Firstly, it’s portable and has got almost pocket friendly size, so you can carry it anywhere and

everywhere you go. Secondly, it has a powerful 5000mA battery under the shell which is good enough

to juice up your iPhone’s 1200mAH battery for over four times, easily.

Featured : Pebble Portable Charger

Next, it comes with a host of connectors that are designed to cater the charging needs of your

Apple devices like the iPhone, iPod and even some Sony Ericsson and Nokia phones. There’s also a

mini USB connector to recharge your compatible Blackberry phones and other device using mini USB


There are a couple of LED indicators, which perhaps, indicate the battery charge, battery low and

power on/off status while the power on/off switch can be used to save the battery juice while not

using the portable charger.

For a device this small, powering your most utile gizmos like the iPhone and other smartphones

multiple number of times while on the go is quite amazing.

Click here to know more about the Pebble Portable Charger or click here to buy one now.

Customer rating: 5 out of 5 stars Veho Pebble battery charger

MightyMike | 16/08/2010

Bought the Veho Pebble battery charger as a portable charger for my Iphone 4 mainly for when mountain biking as I use the GPS on the phone. Real quality piece of kit I cannot recommend this highly enough you can get at least 4 full charges. It does work with the iphone 4 ive had no problems.

Customer rating: 5 out of 5 stars Brilliant product

DuncanMoffat | 21/07/2010

To the previous reviewer, just because your iphone doesn’t work in your left hand would you blame your hand?! This product was released before the iphone and worked with previous version of the iphone so you should probably blame Steve Jobs. Works perfectly with my N86 and sony walkman. It is pretty small and well made. The lights are’t as glaringly bright as they are in the product shot and this is a very good thing. The N86 has a bright charging light that illuminates the whole room when charging in the dark but this is more muted. It comes with 2mm nokia and microUSB attachments. The second is the most important because i believe that all manufacturers have agreed on this standard for all phones in the near future, the Pebble battery charger is a great gadget.

Customer rating: 5 out of 5 stars Works great!

ielisuk | 05/07/2010

Bought this so I could charge my HTC HD2 and 2nd Gen iPod Running iOS4. Charging works a treat with both and takes no time at all.
The Pebble battery charger itself is well made and has a sturdy feel to it, the case is nice too.
One happy customer!

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