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 magic wand remote control

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Should you or your precious offspring or partner be obsessed with a certain bespectacled boy wizard, you will no-doubt already have magic wands lying about the house. This one however, is completely different to everything you might have waggled before – it can control the telly just like magic.  The magic wand remote control is an ideal Christmas gift for boyfriends, husbands, grandkids – indeed people of all ages!

As featured on BBC TV’s Dragons Den, the truth is it can control most things that need a remote control, such as your television, hi-fi, stereo etc making you appear to be able to perform some pretty amazing leisure-orientated magic tricks, and you won’t even need to spout gibberish spells to do it.  It is a true all in one multi function programmable remote control with a magical twist.

After you’ve learnt the fundamentals of the magic wand remote control (it takes a few practice sweeps to get the hang of it), you’ll program your magic wand remote to control the TV volume, channel, brightness or whatever your remote can do. A rotating motion (it’s all in the wrist) will control the volume, a sweep up or down will move the channel forward or back a step, and even double-tapping on the side will carry out whatever you assign it.

In all there are thirteen different swooshes, sweeps and swoops to learn, and every one can be given a separate job to complete. All you have to do is put your magic wand remote control into ‘learning mode’ by giving it a quick tap on the shaft, carry out the move you want, after which press the corresponding key on your tv remote control – the magic wand remembers it and performs this next time you do the same move.

It’s easier said than done to stress how much fun the magic wand remote control is, and how cool the result is when you’re merrily commanding all and sundry around you. The Hi-Fi, the TV, the computer, the lights (if you’re swanky enough to possess remote control lights), everything that needs flicking on or off in the room could be controlled by a wave of your magic wand rc.

Indeed, whether you’re even vaguely interested in anything loosely wizard and Harry Potter Magic related then you owe it to yourself to have one of these – great fun, ingenious equipment and an impressive effect. Top it off with a beautiful faux-dragonskin box with Chinese silk inlay and you have got an outstanding little package, perfect for the would-be magic wizard in your life.

•The magic wand remote control means that you can control remote devices using a swish.

•Most devices that use a remote control will be manipulated with the wand – TVs, Hi-Fis etc.

•Can remote control multiple devices, not limited to one.

•13 commands in total may be learned by the magic wand remote control.

•Programme the wand by putting it in learning mode, performing an action and pressing the corresponding key on the remote control.

•Learns via infrared codes from remote control.

•Comes packaged in its own fantastically decorated case.

•Please note: directions for the wand are only obtainable in English.

the Magic Wand Remote Control Deal was featured on BBC 2 Dragons Den where it received a record investment

Full variety of actions:-

•Rotate clockwise.

•Rotate anticlockwise.

•Flick upwards.

•Flick downwards.

•Flick left.

•Flick right.

•Tap on top.

•Tap on side.

•Double tap on top.

•Double tap on side.

•Push forward.

•Pull back.

•Big swish.

•Suitable for ages 8 years +, or anyone old enough to enrol at Hogwarts.  Makes a magic Xmas gift or birthday present.


•36 x 2.3 x 2.3 cm (wand).

•39 x 6.5 x 3.5 cm (box).

remote control magic wand stock levels at,, argos, ebay, dixons, currys, PC World and Tesco are expected to be in short supply this Christmas – order your magic wand remote control today to avoid disappointment.

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