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click here to buy this years ‘must have’ toy – a Chatimals Talking Hamster!


chatimals hamster meerkat

click here to buy this years ‘must have’ toy – a Chatimals Talking Hamster chatimals-meerkat

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It doesn’t get any cuter than this – a dinky hamster or meerkat friend who repeats whatever you say to him (or her, we haven’t quite decided yet). Give their little paws a squeeze and just chatter away – anything they hear will be spoken back to you. This may prove infuriating if you’re trying to argue with one of the little fellas, but chances are you’ll be unable to resist their charms and chat to them all day.

The Chatimal hamsters come in either grey, beige or ginger, and the Chatimal meerkats come in… well, meerkat brown, being meerkats. Whichever one you go for, they’re the only static objects you should ever be seen talking to for any length of time.


  • Delightful little critters that will repeat whatever you say.
  • Choose from Chatimal Hamster and Chatimal Meerkat varieties.
  • The hamster/meerkat’s voice changes from squealy high to oddly low at random.
  • Chatimal Hamster supplied in either grey, brown or beige.
  • Chatimal Meerkat supplied in brown.
  • Lips move when repeating your phrases.
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included).


  • Hamster: 20 x 14 x 12 cm approx.
  • Meerkat: 20 x 14 x 11 cm approx.

chatimals hamster meerkat

According to several toy experts, Chatimals are anticipated as being one of the top toys for Christmas 2010. These lovable talking rodents are really taking the world by storm – enticing children and grown-ups alike to hours spent interacting with them.

While at first glance, the Chatimal hamster looks just like any plush hamster toy there is one thing that sets them apart – these little guys have the gift of the gab. That is right, Chatimals can talk to you for up to 30 seconds at a time; mimicking your words and repeating them back to you in either a delightful high-pitched voice or a cool low-husky sounding one. This toy is so much fun that it has even been featured on YouTube.

Because Chatimal is such a fun toy with such a wide-appeal, it is a sure bet that this clever little hamster will be one of the most sought after fun gadgets for Christmas. That means you should get yours early or you may not be able to get one at all – at least not in time for the opening of the presents!

Chatimal Hamsters are the most amusing, funny, furry little toys on the market today. Not since the Zhu Zhu Hamster and the Furbie has a soft toy made such an impact. So do not miss out; check out Chatimal Hamsters on YouTube and then check them out in a shop near you. Chatimals are available in store and online through gadget and toy shops. But get yours soon, because this year everyone will want one!

Chatimal – Who Are They?
You mean you have not heard of a Chatimal? Where have you been? A Chatimal is everyone’s favourite hamster – and he talks! Yes, a Chatimal Hamster is a toy, but not just any toy – this is a toy with a personality that is sure to entice young and old alike.

Soft and made from quality plush fabric, Chatimal is a perfect gift for children who like to cuddle, as well as a great gift for older children and adults. Because it is capable of repeating back to you what you say to it, Chatimal is a toy that will entertain for hours.

How Does it Work?

Pressing Chatimals hamster toys right paw activates the recorder. Once activated, you can then record a few seconds worth of sound or dialogue. Once recorded, Chatimal can then say things back to you, using a delightful high-pitched voice or a funny and entertaining low, husky one. The voice it uses is not controlled, so you never know which one Chatimal will decide to use.

What age Group is it Suitable for?

Chatimal Hamster is suitable for children aged four and upwards. Ideal for little ones who like to chat to their toys while they play, this is a toy that will chat right back. Of course, the entertainment for adults is endless – Chatimal is perfect for a brief break from the adult and mundane – offering a bit of amusement to enliven the day.

chatimals hamster meerkat

Chatimal Toys

In addition to the delightful Chatimal Hamster, there is also Chatimal Meerkat. Imagine the fun teaching a meerkat to say, “Simples!”

Stock levels at,, argos, ebay, dixons, currys, PC World and Tesco will be in short supply this Christmas – order your official Chatimals Talking Animal now to avoid disappointment.

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