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click here to buy this years ‘must have’ toy – a Chatimals Talking Hamster!


chatimals hamster meerkat

click here to buy this years ‘must have’ toy – a Chatimals Talking Hamster chatimals-meerkat

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Serious contenders for toy of the year, Chatimals are simple beyond belief. Just squeeze a paw, say your piece (it records in 5 second bursts over a period of 30 seconds) and prepare to giggle for no discernable reason as your plush pal repeats your musings, moving its lips as it does so. You can even talk to your Chatimal in another language! Magnifique!

Just think, with a Chatimal to hand you can compliment, insult and annoy friends, record video messages or even freak out pesky telesales bods. The possibilities are endless. The possibilities are endless. Trust us, Chatimals are gonna be huge… Trust us, Chatimals are gonna be huge. Aargh!

Chatimals are the most amusing talking furry toys that are guaranteed to make everyone smile! Just when you thought there could not possibly be another hamster toy craze, along comes the Chatimal Hamsters. This article gives you more information on the latest toy that is predicted to be one of the hottest toys crazes this year.

It appears that the massive popularity of small, furry hamster toys knows no bounds. Surely everyone has had enough of these cuddly critters following the runaway success of the Zhu Zhu Hamsters during Christmas 2009? But obviously this is certainly not the case, with a number of toy retail stores and industry experts predicting that the new Chatimals toys will be among the most in-demand toy lines in the coming months.

chatimals hamster meerkat

Why will Chatimals be so popular? These entertaining rodents have been introduced as the world’s first talking hamsters! As well as possessing cute and cuddly features not unlike the real rodent, these chatty toys have the capability of recording and repeating what you say in one of two comedy voices – a humorous high-pitched tone or a rough, gravely low-pitched voice. They can talk for up to 30 seconds at a time featuring clever electronics that allow them to repeat your statements almost instantly. As you can imagine this results in huge hilarity all round and you can see the potential for many opportunities for fun and entertainment in many different environments. These toys will be hugely sought after because they appear to have an appeal not only for children but adults as well, bringing smiles and funny antics to homes, offices and workplaces everywhere. We see a huge potential in particular for much office japery with Chatimals Hamsters for fun-loving office workers all over the place.

The Chatimals Talking Animals Toys will be one of the most sought after funny gadgets and, appealing to kids and grown ups alike, will definitely be near the top of the best sellers list this Christmas. As the festive period approaches, stocks in stores will without doubt be lower than usual so make sure you plan ahead and buy early! Stock levels at,, argos, ebay, dixons, currys, PC World and Tesco will be in short supply this Christmas – order your official Chatimals Talking Animal now to avoid disappointment.

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chatimals hamster meerkat
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