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Do you have a gadget-mad man in your life – boyfriend, husband, son or grandson? With our new Gift Finder we’ve picked this years top sellers and most popular gifts for men so you can be sure to get them the gifts that they’ll love this year!

Gifts for Men

In the previous article, we introduced the best gifts for women. Here we would like to complete our shopping guide series by presenting the top gifts 2011 for men. If the following research-based introduction can somewhat inspire you, we’ll be really delighted.

1. Top Gifts for Fathers or Grandfathers
For high-tech savvy fathers or grandfathers, advanced high-tech gadgets  should be the No. 1 choice.  Given the multitude of  gadgets and gizmos available you can be spoilt for choice and overwhelmed when shopping for fathers and grandfathers. You can pick him a high-end E-book reader, an portable netbook or laptop, a decent mobile phone (or even an iPhone), a quality in-car DVD player or anything that will keep him amused and come in handy throughout the year.

2. Top Gifts for Husbands or Boyfriends

When it comes to getting something for your husband or boyfriend, its often hard to know what to buy. Your beloved fella deserves best treats, right?  We have chosen some of this years top sellers and must have gadgets so you won’t go far wrong. Among the top gifts for men, the latest technology, gadgets and high tech gifts are often the best choice for husbands or boyfriends.  There are loads of gifts for men to choose from on the market so it helps to have all the best deals at the cheapest price for you in one place.  Other top gifts for husbands or boyfriends include: shavers, wallets, shoes, travel essentials, gadgets, electronics, barware, sports gear and a lot more.

3. Top Gifts for Male Friends

Here are some great gift ideas for men: books, home tools, keychains, gadgets he wants to buy for his car, CDs or DVDs, gift cards to a local store and accessories for PCs, laptops, cell phones or gaming devices such as headphones and skin covers.

4. Top Gifts for Sons, Brothers or Grandsons

For the youngsters or just the young at heart, 2011 is going to be full of the best gadgets ever seen, we have radio controlled snakes and helicopters even an R/C spitfire! Here are some of our top sellers:

Big Trak ( & Big Trak Jnr)
Magic Wand Remote Control
Cupcake Maker
Slap Watches
Iphone Lens
My Scratch Map
Nightvision Goggles/Binoculars
Mili Iphone projecter
Vinturi Connoisseur Set
Microsoft Xbox Kinect

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